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For those needing to find St Chad's Church by Satellite Navigation, the POST CODE is WV6 7BQ.

Registered Charity No: 1151604

St Chad's is a registered Fair Trade Church

An Introduction to St Chad's Church in Pattingham...

The dedication of the Pattingham Parish Church to Chad, a seventh century Celtic bishop, suggests that there has been a church on this site since Saxon times. It is interesting to look around and discover what can be seen of that long history in the architecture and artefàcts in the building.

Although part of the foundation of the chancel is believed to be Saxon nothing can be seen of that original building. However, the shaft of the churchyard cross may
date from that time.

The Domesday Book states that Pattingham had its own priest. It is practically certain that a wholly Norman church was built, of which only the two round arches on the north side of the nave remain. The octagonal font dates, in part, from that time.

Much of the building work dates from the early thirteenth century. The chancel dates from 1220-1240. Note the
sedilia. seats for the priest, and piscinae, the basins for washing hands and vessels during Mass. There is also an aumbry or cupboard for the church vessels. The nave has been largely rebuilt but still retains the characteristics of the Early English period. There is a well moulded hood ending in heads, particularly a fine head of Our Lord.

tower, dating from 1330 - 1380, is peculiar in that it is wholly within the church. The south wall also dates from the decorated period, about 1350. On the outside are two Mass clocks, or scratch dials, used to tell people the time of services.

The stone
book-rest near the font, used for public readings of the Bible probably
dates from this time. The
boards showing the Lords Prayer, the Creed and the Ten
commandments which now hang under the tower would have started life where they
could be easily seen by everyone, who could, in this way, be taught the rudiments
of reading. There is a Bible box, of unknown date but probably fifteenth century and
two oak chests with the customary three keyholes-one each for the vicar and church wardens. The
paten has on it the word PATYNGHAM and it is recorded that the church at this time took possession of a silver chalice. The bells were recast in 1601.

There are no records of Pattingham suffering depredation during the Commonwealth; indeed the same incumbent remained in situ from 1647 to 1676. The present chalice
was donated in 1664. After the Great Fire of Pattingham in 1665, which devastated almost all of the village except the church, the king himself donated money to the rebuilding fund. The loyalty to the Stuart dynasty is demonstrated by the arms of Queen Anne on the west wall of the nave. An interesting benefaction board is dated 1710.

The most comprehensive rebuilding and reflirbishment of the building was carried out
in the nineteenth century thanks to two remarkable men: Reverend W G Greenstreet
who was vicar from 1844-1900 and the patron, the 5th Earl of Dartmouth. Work on
the church began in 1856.
chancel, the nave and the south aisle were restored. The north aisle and the
vestry were built, paid for by the vicar. The Earl donated the spire, built in 1871. The bells were re-hung in 1864 and two smaller bells added bringing the full peal to 8 bells weighing 57 cwt.

The Bells of St Chad's Church
Five bells were known to have existed in 1553. In 1724, records show that there were six bells cast by Joseph Smith. In 1864 they where retuned and augmented to eight by George Mears. They were rehung in 1897 (to commemorate the reign of Queen Victoria), 1928 (by Gillett & Johnston) and 1958 (again by Whitechapel who quarter-turned the bells and rehung them on new headstocks). This frequency was due, in part, to the movement of the tower and spire.
In 1992, after £60,000 was spent on strengthening the tower, they were rehung in a new metal frame and retuned by Whitechapel.

The Pattingham Sunday Service Ringers - January 2008

For more information on the Bells of St Chad's Church and the Bell Ringers,
visit their website at

organ was first used at the Festival of St Bartholomew in 1873. The reredos of alabaster with glass mosaic behind the altar was erected in 1890.

Most of the
stained glass is Victorian. Starting with the Adam and Eve window on the west wall of the north aisle, the glass in that aisle shows the heroes and heroines of the Old Testament.. The windows in the chance! tell the story of the life of Jesus. The Lady chapel shows the disciples and other leaders of the early church.. The south wall windows relate the parables and sayings of Jesus while that in the west wall by the font is dedicated to the Holy Family. The tower window in the west wall showing the resurrection was installed in 1893 the gift of 181 subscribers, in memory of William Walter, the 5th Earl of Dartmouth. To commemorate Queen Victoria's diamond Jubilee the bells were re-hung and the clock and chimes restored.

Lady Chapel was furnished in 1918 in memory of Brigadier General T A Wight
Boycott DSO. The
crucifix in the churchyard facing the shops was erected in memory of two grandsons of Rev. W G Greenstreet, killed in the 1914-18 war. The oak triptych in the north aisle, in memory of those who died in the Great War, was erected in 1920. In 1933 the first electric blower for the organ was installed. The present pulpit was built in 1956.
glass chalice made and engraved in a West Midlands glass factory was given in
1972 by members of the congregation to mark the 13O0th anniversary of the death of St Chad.
Villagers have continued to contribute generously to the upkeep of the building with substantial donations for major repairs to the
flying buttresses (1960s) , the tower and bells (1980s) and the spire (1990s). The sundial in the churchyard was restored in 1977. The baptistry was furnished in 1981 in memory of Dennis Selby, a lay reader of this parish. The area inside the South Door was panelled in memory of Colonel Eric Butler in 1985.

The church continues to respond to the changing needs of the parish. An ambitious project, very successfully funded by generous donations and fund raising events,
provided much needed toilet and kitchen facilities together with a new upper meeting room, the Loft. We pray that, with God's grace, this ancient church will continue to serve the community of Pattingham with Patshull during the third millennium.

The parish registers of St Chad, Pattingham commence in 1559. The original registers for the period 1559-1918 (Bapts), 1559-1936 (Mar) & 1559-1889 (Bur) are deposited at Staffordshire Record Office. Bishops Transcripts, 1660-1874 (with gaps 1854-55 & 1858-59) are deposited at Lichfield Record Office.

A transcript of the registers of St Chad for the period 1559-1812 was published in 1934 by the Staffordshire Parish Registers Society and has been reprinted by the Birmingham & Midland SGH. A transcript of the registers of St Chad for the period 1813-1874 (baptisms only) has been published by the Birmingham & Midland SGH.

 St Chad's Century Club...


The 100 Club was formed 4 years ago with a view to raising funds to support the work of the Church in Pattingham. As the name implies we have 100 members each paying £5 per month over a twelve month period.
Each member has their own unique membership number. On the last Monday of every month a draw takes place; the person with the winning number receives £150, second prize is £100 & third prize is £50.

The Century Club generates income of £6,000 per annum and after paying out £3,600 in prize money retains £2,400 per annum for church funds.

Although membership is currently full, if you would like to register your interest in joining the Century Club when there is a vacancy, please email Steve Jones at the following address stevejones@breezecs.com

 The Church Fete...

1st SATURDAY in JULY - 1.30pm

The Village Hall and Playing Fields will stage the numerous activities in the Fete.

On the fields will be many attractions for young children including a Bouncy Castle, Patchwork Drama, Races, Face Painting and various rides. Others enjoyed the many stalls, sideshows and entertainment such as the Tombola, a Bottle Stall, Books, Farm Produce, Plants and lots, lots more.

Fun for all the family, young and old.

 Disabled facilities...

We have taken particluar care to meet the special medical needs of disabled people attending St Chad's.

This includes...
A Loop Systems for the hard of hearing
Large print Service Books
Wheel chairs
A toilet for the disabled
Chair lift access to the Loft

If you need any particular facility, please enquire.

 The Memorial Book...

The Memorial Book is a record of deaths of those who lived within the Parish and the names are read out in a special All Souls Service which normally takes place at Evensong in early November.

The Book is kept in a glass display positioned at the front of the Lady Chapel. It is looked after by Margaret Lingford. Please contact her on 01902 700636 if you have any queries.

St Chad's Fellowship...


St Chad's Fellowship, previously known as the Outreach Group, meets on Tuesday at 7:30pm in The Loft with a summer break in August and brief breaks at Christmas and Easter.

The purpose of the Group is to deepen our understanding of the Christian Faith and to enhance our sense of mission particularly to the village.

Guest speakers have addressed us on such diverse matters as The History of the Gospels,The Birmingham City Mission and The Rags to Riches charity set up in Kenya to take children off the township rubbish dumps and give them a home and education.

All are welcome and for more information contact...
Gordon Bramall on 01902-700075

LENT Course
In conjunction with the St Chad's Fellowship, there will be a Lent Course, as usual, in St. Chad's this year.

There will be five sessions:

Beginning on Tuesday February 16th and 23rd, followed by March 1st, 8th and 15th.

Details of the Lent Course 2016 follow below...

This is advance notice so that you can consider coming along even if you have never been to a Lent Course before.

It is not difficult and we aim to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. More details next month or from Maureen, Paul or Ken.

the email and photos from the 'Rags to Riches' charity in Kenya.

 Lent at St Chad's Church...


Retreating into the Wilderness with Jesus

Lent is a forty-day period (excluding Sundays) before Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday. In most churches, the decorations are purple, the royal colour, to prepare for the King.

Special Days:
Ash Wednesday,
The Annunciation,

St Chad's Lent Course 2016

'Learning to dream again'
We will be running a Lent Course in the Church in 2016 and this year we have decided to hold it on Tuesday evenings. This will give an opportunity to those who perhaps could not attend in previous years, because of the night, to come along.

There will be five sessions beginning on February 16 and 23rd followed by March 1st , 8th and 15th. We will be using the course suggested by the Lichfield Diocese for next year entitled 'Learning to Dream Again' by Samuel Wells, Vicar of St Martin in the Fields, London.

More information will be available in the New Year, but meantime try and keep the dates free if you can.

Ken Scott

The Lent Lunches- 2016
In return for a wholesome meal of soup, bread and cheese, we ask that donations are made towards the Bishop of Lichfield's Lent Appeal.
2016 Lent Appeal
The 2016 Bishops’ Lent Appeal ‘stands up for children’
: in this diocese, for orphans and children in care who need reliable friends and advocates – volunteers who provide an outlet and anchor for chaotic lives, and professionals who speak for a child’s needs and desires among the professionals who co-ordinate aspects of their care; and in the Holy Land, where government policy is forcing church schools to raise the family contribution to the cost of education, the Appeal will support a number of the most needy students (and their families) to receive a good quality education at Episcopal Christ School in Nazareth, run by the Diocese of Jerusalem.
Further information will be available soon, and leaflets and posters distributed to parishes.

Lent begins this year on Ash Wednesday and will be marked by as usual by the possibility to receive the mark of the cross in ash at both the 10.00am and 7.30pm services.

LENT Lunches

Saturday 13th February 2016
Shared Lent Lunch with Covenating Churches of Wolverhampton West, when we are joining forces with Perton to host a lunch at the Church in Perton.
(Volunteers needed to make soup... Please contact Maureen)

Wednesday 17th February 2016
Sue & Michael Stirk
Mere Oak, Hollies Lane, Pattingham

Wednesday 24th February 2016
Gena & Mike Richards
10 Westbeech Road, Pattingham

Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Sue & Jeremy Riches
Small Place, Wolverhampton Road, Pattingham

Wednesday 9th March 2016
Gladys & Stuart Jones
Chad Cottage, High Street, Pattingham

Wednesday 16th March 2016
Phil & Gordon Bramall
16 High Street, Pattingham

Approx times - 12.00 noon to 2.00pm

Be sure to sign up for the Lent Lunch you wish to attend.
Forms are at the back of Church on the table.

This year's Bishop's Lent Appeal
Standing up for children at home and abroad

In this diocese, for children in care who need reliable friends, The Childrens Society provides volunteers who provide an outlet and anchor for chaotic lives, and professional advocates who speak for a child's needs and desires among the services who coordinate aspects of their care.

And in the Holy Land, where unjust government policy is obliging church schools to raise the family contribution to the cost of education, the Appeal will support a number of the most needy students (and their families) to receive a good quality education at Episcopal Christ School in Nazareth which is run by the Diocese of Jerusalem.

More information is available at www.lichfield.anglican.org/lentappeal

 Gift Aid Envelopes and Giving Direct


The Gift Aid envelope is available for you to use if you are a UK taxpayer who has paid an amount of income tax or capital gains tax in each tax year at least equal to the amount we may reclaim on your donation.
In 2014 this is 25p in every £1.

Please use the green Gift Aid envelope found on the pew ledges in church, as this will significantly increase the amount of gift aid received by St Chad's Church.

As well as the green envelopes, we also distribute the yellow envelopes which are dated and come in a convenient box, as a supply for a whole year. These can be obtained by completing a Gift Aid Form available from the Gift Aid Secretary.

Tax efficient giving to your local church...

If you already give regularly towards the upkeep and work of St Chad's church, here in Pattingham - or indeed would consider doing so in the future, then a new scheme has just been launched by the Diocese of Lichfield (to which we belong) which will make it all easier and more tax efficient.

The scheme is called GIVING DIRECT.

You can choose to make donations either monthly, quarterly or annually. And although your donation goes in the first instance to the Diocese, it is completely restricted to the named parish or church you choose - in our case St Chad's here in Pattingham.
The advantage of doing it this way is that the Diocese will guarantee to send us your donation within 14 days and to include with it the Gift Aid refund that, at present, we may have to wait several months to reclaim. So you will soon see that it could make a big difference to our cash flow as a parish. And it will not cost the church here in Pattingham anything, or indeed you anything extra to your donation.

This is a direct debit scheme - and it only works if you agree to sign up for it, and it has to replace any existing standing order or direct debit that you may have in favour of the church. There is also an option for every donor to commit to increasing their donation each year in line with inflation - but you do have the option to decide. And - if your circumstances should change in the future, you can 'get out' of this scheme quite easily - although you will have to notify the Finance Dept in Lichfield.

I think this could be a really important and exciting development for us here in Pattingham. Not only of benefit to the church locally, but also important for the way that, as Christians, we live out our commitment to faith in our daily lives and make wise use of our financial resources.

If you want to know more, please feel free to speak to any of the clergy or leadership team - Maureen, Paul, Ken, Dave Sampson or Mike Richards, and have a look at the back of church, where you will find more information and a supply of forms to sign up.

Thanking you in anticipation!......

 The Church Electoral Roll...

Electoral Roll
What is it? A register of lay members of the Church of England in a parish, entitling them to elect lay representatives to the deanery synod and the parochial church council and attend and speak at the annual parochial church meeting. It is revised annually and completely renewed every 6 years.
For more information please contact our Electoral Roll Officer, Liz Gosling on 01902 700003.

 Prayer Group

Monthly Prayer Group
A monthly Prayer Group meets every month on the 1st Sunday
from 5.30 to 6.00pm.
You can come and take part !
You can request prayers for any one !
You can request prayers for any cause !
Please place your requests in the wooden box on the table at the back of church.

  Flowers in the Churchyard...

Fresh Flowers
If anyone who has a friend or relative buried in St. Chad's Churchyard, would like a plant or flowers placed on their grave or plaque for an anniversary or on a regular basis, please contact Elizabeth Gosling (Electoral Roll Officer) on 01902 700003 and she will be pleased to do this for you.

  Churchyard Plans - Graves and Memorials


Plans - Graves and Memorials

Main Churchyard - Left Side
Main Churchyard - Right Side
Main Churchyard - Cremation Plot
New Churchyard - Cremation Plot

Plans dated 29.7.2015

  How to find us...

Pattingham is a small attractive village in South Staffs, near the Shropshire Border, approximately 7 miles to the west of Wolverhampton. Leave Wolverhampton on the A454 towards Bridgnorth and look out for the 'Pattingham' signs, with several right turns leading to the village.  more >>

St Chad's Church is easily found on the right hand side of the High Street, immediately opposite the Pigot Arms.

For those needing to find St Chad's Church by Satellite Navigation, the POST CODE is WV6 7BQ.

The above maps are from the 'Get-a-Map' service of O S Mapping.

To see the Parish Map for St Chad's Church, Pattingham, click