The Bell Ringers...

WCRFM Radio visits the bell ringers

On Monday 6th July 2009, during their normal practice, the St Chad's Church bell ringers had a visit from WCRFM Radio, the voice of Wolverhampton.

The Radio Station has given the church tremendous support over the last few years, helping to promote many of our activities.
The producer, Jan Brookfield, together with programme presenters Jason and 'Fish' have helped us promote the Bells Run, The Christmas Tree Festival, Chad Singers concerts and we are extremely grateful to them.

During our last broadcast, 'Fish' had requested that we arrange a bell ringing session for him, promising to create a programme around this.

Geoffrey, the Tower Master, with the help of a scaled down demonstrator, explained to Fish how the bell is rung and what happens when the rope is pulled.
After this, Fish was introduced to Bell 3 and was given his first lesson on how to pull down using the 'tail' of the rope.
He then progressed to pulling off the bell using the 'sally', the red, white and blue woollen section of the rope.

During his lesson, Jan, the Producer, was recording the conversation and the resulting chimes of the bell.

Fish then went a further step and ring his bell with three other bellringers, giving a good impression of 'rounds' on four bells.

Following his lesson, he then interviewed all the bellringers.

We understand the plan is to use these recordings to create a programme which should go out on Sunday 19th July in Fish's slot around about 10.15 to 11.15am. The station can be found on 101.8 fm.

Some of the material, together with video footage will be placed on the WCRFM website. If you go to
www.wcrfm.com and then click on Programmes & Presenters, then click on Fish, you will find the link on his page under his photo.

Fish interviewed Janet Bramall, who has been ringing the Pattingham bells for over 40 years.

It is planned that the programme featuring Fish's visit will be broadcast on Sunday 19th July 2009.
The slot should be approximately 10.15 to 11.15am. The station's frequency is 101.8 FM.

If you cannot get 101.8 FM, you can listen live online by clicking the
LISTEN LIVE option on the home page of the website ....

To view the Bellringers on UTUBE, follow the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x9vUTKOuxM