Stewardship Campaign - 2014

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The Parish of St Chad, Pattingham with St Mary, Patshull

26th October 2014

Dear Parishoner,

St.Chad's Church in Pattingham is not only a landmark but also a focus for good in the community. Whilst the building’s future is secure thanks to specific historic bequests, the day-to-day running expenses are met by the Church members and regular supporters in the community. We are very grateful for this but find we now need further help.

At present the Church ’s running expenses are greater than our income to the tune of about £10,000, per annum and on Sunday 26th October we launched a Stewardship Campaign to address this problem.

It used to be said in polite circles that one should avoid discussing money, politics or
religion. But actually we cannot get very far as a community – and especially as a
worshipping community – without facing up to the realities of all three.

It sometimes comes as a surprise to people when they discover that Jesus talks in the Bible a great deal about money. Mainly about it not ruling our lives and acting as a barrier between us and God.

Money used well can enhance and add to our spiritual life. Spreading it around frees us up to focus on the issues that really matter – loving our neighbour, caring for the oppressed, and teaching our children by example that a generous spirit will bring us more rewards than clinging always to our cash.

We are incredibly fortunate in this parish. Not only do we live in a delightful community and a beautiful part of the countryside, but our forebears have provided generously for our building – meaning that our church is kept in good repair and can be developed for the needs of succeeding generations – but these funds cannot be used for general running expenses.

But the Church is so much more than just a building. It is a living, breathing community of people who need to be resourced if they are to thrive in their faith. That means they have to be nourished – physically and spiritually. They need to be kept warm and have light to see by (as well as being sheltered by a non-leaky roof!) They need their children educated in the faith. They need to be available for the whole community – not just those who worship on a Sunday.They need to provide for the community ’s major life events – the ‘hatching,matching and dispatching ’ as we sometimes refer to it – Christenings, Weddings and Funerals. And those who are fortunate and relatively comfortable should contribute something towards those parishes in other places which will never have the resources to meet their needs.

So the living church should be able to pay for the life of the Church. But too often we are not keeping pace with what this costs. Often this is because people do not stop to think that the cost of living affects the church as much as it does our households.We do need members of the church community to carefully consider what they give to the church rather than scrabbling around for the loose change in their pocket.That is why we have sub-titled this appeal “Giving what’s right,not what’s left!”

This letter is being sent to all in the community,whether churchgoers or not. For those who are churchgoers we hope that they will participate in the campaign and prayerfully consider the contribution they make to the church. Those who are not churchgoers may still wish to contribute to the life and work of the church or simply keep themselves informed about what is an important part of our village community.

Everyone in the community is invited to an event on on Friday 7th November at the Pattingham Club or on Saturday 15th November in the Village Hall.
At these events, starting at 7.30 pm, members of the Church community will be available to talk about their particular interests whether it is singing in the choir, flower arranging, youth work or bell ringing. Come along and learn what else people do in church other than pray.

Enclosed is a brief leaflet showing how we use the money we are given now.On its own St.Chad's Church is only a landmark – it is the people who make it a Church. Please help us as much as you can.Our aim is to balance our budget by 2016, so we need to increase our income by at least 10%. Please do dig as deep as you possibly can to help.

With all best wishes

Maureen Hobbs
Vicar of Pattingham with Patshull

David Sampson

Iain Coleman

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