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January 2015

Happy New Year! And the start (unbelievably!) of my seventh year here in Pattingham! (I moved in on 5 Jan 2009). So far the weather this year has been much kinder than either that or the following winter .... but writing this in mid December, who knows what is around the corner?!

Each new year is a time of discovery and wonder. Sometimes it is as well we do not know what awaits us. Sometimes we yearn to find out what the future holds. But on the whole, I try to counsel people to live in the here and now. Giving our attention fully to the present moment seems to offer the best chance of fulfilment and happiness. Not an endless pining after what may (or may not) be waiting for us.

That is not to say that we should not plan for the future of course - and take the appropriate action. That is why our stewardship campaign "Digging Deeper" was launched back in October. And that is why all our visitors to church over the Christmas period were asked to contribute their ideas for "what do you want from your church?"
The PCC and I spent a very fruitful day in early December trying to think strategically how to develop our church life so that the Christian faith continues to thrive in this community of Pattingham. One of our conclusions was to try and find out from our 'occasional' visitors - as well as from our regular congregation - how we might serve them better. As a former Archbishop once said, "The Church of England is the only organisation that exists mainly for the people outside it!" And Christmas with all its traditional and child-centred services seemed an ideal opportunity to find out more. We hope to make St Chad's not only the Spiritual but also the Social heart of the village of Pattingham and the other communities we also serve - Burnhill Green, Rudge, Patshull etc.

I hope too that later in January we will be looking outside of our immediate community and denomination to join with the Covenanting Churches in Tettenhall and area. Why not join us at Perton on 25 January at 4pm to see more?
The Church represents something eternal and unchanging - and yet also needs to be flexible and responsive to those who need it. The churchwardens, the PCC and I are all committed to following the lead of the Lichfield diocese which has adopted five main themes ; Discovering the heart of God; Making Disciples; Reaching New Generations; Practising Generosity and Transforming Communities. Will you join with us as we move forward into the new year?

Every blessing and Happy 2015!