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'Maureen's Musings'

What do we mean when we wish each other "Happy New Year"?

Well the old one feels somewhat threadbare as we come to its close, so maybe we want to wrap around ourselves something that feels a bit warmer, a bit more protective? Or maybe you are seeking fresh adventure and a new start in 2016?

Which you opt for may depend on your age of course.... there will be young people in our community for whom this next year is one of examinations and then the excitement of new experiences - maybe travel, maybe of university or college. New friends to meet and make.

There will be some for whom this new year brings the prospect of difficult health choices .... uncertainty and fears.

There will be new human beings born into our world, full of potential - with the joy of discovering what their special giftedness will turn out to be; there will be others who will leave it and leave behind sadness and regret perhaps, or the satisfaction of a life well-lived, and ambitions achieved.

As well as all the partying, New Year is often a time for reflection and for planning ahead - a time of Resolutions! And it is with this last aspect in mind that I hope most if not all of the PCC will join me for a day of reflection on what the past year has brought us in Church and what we might realistically hope to achieve this coming year of 2016... The 16th of January is the key date and we shall again be travelling the short journey to St Alban's church - our partner in 'Closing the Gap', to help us focus on the task in hand and maybe gain a slightly different perspective from being outside the parish for a few hours.

Whatever the challenges that face us as the community of God in this village, we know that the wider world faces enormous challenges of its own; whether that be the war against terrorism; climate change; refugees and how to best care for them and our wonderful but creaky NHS - on which we all depend so much and about which we love to moan!

Whatever New Year Resolutions the PCC come up with - I promise to share them with you over the next few months. And whatever Resolutions you are making or challenges you are facing, I pray that you will find God speaking to you and guiding you along the way.

Every blessing for 2016,