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'Maureen's Musings'

February 2012

I find myself having to write this on the evening before our first 'Messy Church' venture in St Chad's School. The planning has been fun and exciting - now it is time to make it happen for real and that is still exciting, but a bit scary too! But all the signs are good - I have a great group of people who have come forward to help with this first one.... and we now know that we can expect at least 30 children and over 20 adults tomorrow - which is fantastic. And I know that with all the good will that surrounds us, this will go well.

It was over six months ago that I began planning the service and came up with the idea that the story of Noah and the Flood might be a good place to start - with the message that God gives the world a chance for a new start. And all this week in Morning Prayer the Old Testament Readings have been.... Yes! The story of Noah and the Flood - if that isn't a sign from on high, I don't know what is! And I had no idea that would happen when we began.

February is often the month when the first shoots of Spring push their way through the dark and unpromising earth that has been bare since autumn. Hence the reason for the snowdrop picture I share with you here. Snowdrops are often the first real sign that the garden is waking up again after the winter - although I know this has been a rather strange sort of winter with barely a frost apart from the middle of January.... Snowdrops have quite sharp leaves that push up through the soil and then the flower opens to reveal the delicate nodding white and green petals.
Our neighbours at Perton have a new beginning to celebrate too. The Revd. Julia Taylor was licensed and installed as the Team Vicar in Perton as part of the Tettenhall Wood Team. As one of our nearest neighbours, it was good to be involved in the planning of her welcome service and to be reminded quite how emotional it can be when one moves into a new parish.

New beginnings; new promise; new possibilities - all things to excite us and maybe leave us a little apprehensive about what the future holds too. But going forward with God makes a huge difference. It is really hard to take on new challenges all on your own - but when you have the sense that God is leading you on and supporting your actions and choices, it makes all the difference.

I pray that you will feel that sense of encouragement in the new challenges and opportunities that may be facing you in your life .... and know that the Church family in Pattingham and Patshull is here to offer friendship and support when you need it.

God bless you and keep you,