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February 2013

This February could be the month that we all begin 'finding a voice' ... now that might be a bit presumptuous of me in a village and community that often demonstrates an ability to speak out on a wide variety of issues. But I am also aware that the idea of speaking in public (or even of speaking in private) on issues of our faith is one that frequently terrifies people.

Which is one reason why we have decided to use a Lent course that is a bit different this year and based on the excellent film that came out last year - The King's Speech.

I hope that not only will enable and empower all of us to find the courage to speak out a bit more - but it will also help us celebrate the power of friendship to play its part in transforming lives. And transforming lives of those around us - in all sorts of ways, - is surely what we should be about as Christians? We will begin before Lent with an opportunity to watch the film through in its entirety (for anyone who has not been able to see it before - or just to remind yourself of the story if you saw it a while ago). Then, when Lent starts for real, we will begin our course meetings on Monday 18th Feb. I am sure you will find more information about this later in the magazine or on the church website.

Finding a voice and speaking out when we see or hear of injustice is an important part of being a follower of Jesus Christ. Fairtrade fortnight runs from Monday 25th February to Sunday 10th March this year and is all about 'taking a stand for the food we love and the people who grow it.' - whether in this country or overseas. Small farmers often struggle to provide for themselves and their families and they're hit hardest in uncertain times.

Fairtrade provides them with the security of knowing they'll receive a fair price for their crop and the long term stability that comes from having a better relationship with their buyer - principles that we would like to see adopted by our major supermarkets towards all their suppliers. See the article later below about the tradition of Plough Monday and some special prayers for our farming neighbours.... So if you can, please think about supporting the fair-trade mark when you make your own purchases. Make your voice heard for justice and fair-play.

Roll on the Spring!

Every blessing