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February 2015

With the growth in use of our website and our Facebook page (do have a look if you haven't already done so!) I thought that some of you would be interested to know of other Apps or websites that I find useful and an aid to devotion on a regular basis? With Lent fast approaching you may find it helpful to build one or more into your Lenten observance?

Firstly, for anyone who feels they are still feeling their way into faith and into the Church - may I recommend 'Now a Christian'? This is something run by the Church Army and if you sign up for it (for free - as is all of what I will be recommending in this article) - you will receive a daily email for a five week period. The text is interesting and down to earth, but will gently lead you to think about your faith in the context of your daily life and encourage you to make connections. Although good for anyone just starting out, it also makes a good simple refresher for anyone more knowledgeable / experienced. Google "Now a Christian" to find it (other search engines are available!)

Those who like a more mystical / spiritual approach may appreciate a daily email drawn from the writings of Richard Rohr. Richard is an American Franciscan and theologian. He founded the Center (sic) for Action and Contemplation which will again send you a daily meditation - free of charge - although there are invitations to purchase more of Richard's publications etc. Part of today's meditation reads as follows:-
"How can we turn information into transformation?" How can we use the sacred texts, tradition, and experience to lead people into new places with God, with life, and with themselves? As we develop the Living School, online courses, events, and resources (like these Daily Meditations), we hold these goals close, knowing that we can only invite and lead. The real work of transformation is God's to do--and ours to accept.

Moving on to apps; one really helpful way of keeping to a brief but regular time of prayer is the Podcast known as "Pray as you go". This is again Franciscan in origin, but don't let its Roman Catholic parentage put you off (!) You will get some inspirational music, a passage of scripture and some helpful questions to guide your thinking and praying. All within a 12 or 13 minute daily broadcast - something which we could all find time for at a time to suit ourselves, surely?

And those of you who use a tablet - ipad or similar - will find there is an app - Daily Prayer - which gives the opportunity to follow a more formal morning, evening or night prayer - all drawn from Common Worship and with the relevant readings for the day already 'embedded' within it - so no need to keep fumbling between prayer book and Bible! These prayers may also be accessed from the main Church of England website - which contains all sorts of useful material - again all for free.

'Prayermate' is another app, which helps to organise your personal intercessions on a daily basis to ensure that you pray regularly for people or situations without forgetting or leaving out people you really want to include.

And on a lighter, humorous note (tho you will still find some deeper stuff included) do have a look at the "Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley". Somewhat off the wall, but often helps us to poke fun at ourselves! You can follow via Facebook or from their website.

This short list is far from exhaustive - there are many others out there. Maybe you know of others that you would like to share in these pages? Or indeed books that you find helpful or inspiring? Do let us know!
Happy browsing; happy praying!