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'Maureen's Musings'

It almost, almost feels like winter finally! But February sees the start of Lent, so surely the Spring cannot be far behind?

This Lent we are offering a course based on a book by the Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields (surely now one of the most mis-named churches in London! ) Trafalgar Square might have much of interest, but there is not a field to be seen these days! Sam Wells is an excellent communicator and always has something of interest to say about the Scriptures, and life itself, so I am really looking forward to this. I am sure Ken will have written more fully on this subject further in the magazine.

We also have a series of Lent lunches planned… Four are definitely booked at the time of writing, on February 16, 24 and March 2 and 9 and I am sure we will have something on the last Wednesday too - 17 March. This year we have an additional date - Saturday 13 Feb, when we will be helping our friends at Perton with a Lunch for all the churches of the Covenant of Wolverhampton West. Please drop into the Church at Perton that lunchtime to enjoy a simple soup lunch. It will make a good addition to your shopping trip to Perton Centre!

So what about the PCC Awayday ? Well, it was good to have a bit more time together and to do some thinking about the future. You may have read the depressing figures about national church attendance, but that isn't the only way of looking at the place of faith in our lives. Yes, it would be good to have even more in the congregation (although in the Lichfield diocese we have managed to slow the rate of decline - a small victory perhaps, but significant!) The PCC are also actively thinking about ways to engage more creatively with our community - and perhaps that of our partner church, St Albans, Wednesfield. We may have an ideal opportunity this year by joining in with the celebrations for the Queen's 90th birthday in June! Watch this space …

And who wants to regain a bit of their youth or live again the delights of the 1980s?! We will have a great time I am sure at the '80s revival night' being organised as a joint effort between the PTA of St Chad's School and ourselves - thanks to the talents of Peter Nicholls, a regular member of our congregation and his group.... time to boogie on 13th Feb!

Last year it was lovely to have a group of youngsters who we were able to prepare for their First Communion (this can now come before Confirmation - which then becomes a proper rite of passage for adults of any age). Equally, it was lovely to have a very mixed age group preparing for confirmation.

If there are any more young people who would like to take communion - or any older people (from 16 - 116!) who would be interested to learn more about confirmation please speak to me in church or phone me on (01902) 700257.

Every blessing,