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"Come and have a coffee with the Vicar!"

During Lent (and maybe beyond if it proves popular) I shall be making myself available for informal conversation in the Lychgate Coffee Shop every Saturday from 11am - 12 noon. Anyone can come and have a chat - if the topic is confidential, we will arrange a more suitable time and place to meet, but for more general inquiries or just a natter, feel free to join me - and I promise to stand you a cup of tea or coffee as you prefer! - Can't say fairer than that, can I? And please spread the word around the community - this offer is not just for existing church members, who probably see quite enough of me!

During Lent too I propose to start a group preparing youngsters who are too young for confirmation, but who nevertheless regularly come to church, have been baptised, and would like to be able to receive communion along with the older members of the church. This is now an established part of Church of England practice for families who request it and gets us back to the original practice of the church, where whole households - from tiny babies to grandparents - were baptised together and admitted to the full fellowship of the Lord's Table. Over the centuries it became custom and practice for confirmation to be seen as the 'gateway' to Communion - but in fact it was never intended to be. Confirmation is about a rite of passage into adulthood; about confirming the promises made on our behalf at baptism and about acknowledging our responsibilities as adult members of the worshipping community. But our full membership of that community is secured by the sacrament of baptism itself. And receiving Communion is a sign of God's freely offered love to all of us - so why should the children be excluded, if they can grasp that fact? And I often find they understand it much better than we adults.
So any youngsters - aged 7 to around 14 or so who are interested, should contact me immediately (as by the time you read this, the group will be underway already).

Anyone from their teens upwards (and there really is no upper age limit ) who would like to explore what is involved in confirmation itself, should also come and talk to me..... maybe over a cup of coffee?????

And Talking of Lent initiatives, what about WASHDAY 2015? This is an idea for churches to get involved, responding to human need through loving service, following Christ's example when he washed the feet of the disciples. Well, washing feet might not be much in demand in Pattingham, but what about finding other things to wash (with the owner's permission of course!) Might this be a simple act of kindness to another that you could offer this Lent?

Who knows? - maybe I will offer to do some washing up in the coffee shop if there is too much of a rush!

Every Blessing,