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'Maureen's Musings'

April 2010

What sort of Easter will it be this year? Sunlit and spring-like? Or wintry and wet? Or even snowy??? (Surely we've had enough white stuff for one year?)

Well by the time you read this, no doubt you will have a much better idea than I do now at some distance from the festival and the season. I do hope that we have the joy of more of the spring flowers that we associate with this time of
year. I write this on a Mothering Sunday that is strangely devoid of daffodils - although I am sure that even though I am not with you to witness it, a host of posies will have been prepared for all the 'motherers' in church this Sunday.

But whatever the weather, Easter invites us to celebrate new life and look forward to the promise of God's love and forgiveness - poured out all over us -just as we look forward to the sun's healing rays after the long, dark days of winter. Bathing ourselves in the sun's rays can, of course also be hazardous. We now know that care must be taken to avoid over-exposure Fortunately, no such difficulty exists with the healing rays of God's love and forgiveness.

But Easter also heralds the rapid approach of our Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday 11"' April. This year will mean some significant changes in our standing committee. After several years of sterling service, both Debbie Francis and Mark Dain are standing down as our PCC Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We thank them for all their hard work and dedication and wish them and their families well. Meantime, we also hope that others will consider offering their talents and service in these much-needed roles. This could also be a response to God's love toured out for us. And i have been made aware more than ever this year - through force of circumstances - how much we owe to all those who give so much through their voluntary service, and - yes - expressions of love for the community in which we live.
Here's wishing you (whatever the weather!) a happy, happy Easter!