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April 2012

It is nearly April - which means it is nearly time for our APCM - the Church AGM - So this month is an ideal opportunity for me to publicly thank all those people who have in so many ways helped keep the ministry of the church alive at St Chad's Pattingham (not forgetting Patshull!) during the past 12 months. Particularly our hard-working Church wardens, Dave and Mike, our PCC Secretary Jane Horton and our Treasurer for the past year - Noi Swan. Sadly, Noi's other work commitments have greatly increased in the past 12 months - which means she is not able to continue to fill the role of Treasurer. So I am once again appealing if there is anyone out there with accountancy skills and experience who might be able to help us? We have a great team of volunteers who do all the banking of moneys on a weekly basis, and Chris Bullock continues to be a huge help in handling the day-to-day payments and receipts (Thank you all) but we do still need someone to keep and monitor our on-going P&L and cashflow accounts, to report to the PCC regularly, and to prepare the annual accounts at the end of the year for the auditors. We MUST identify someone by the date of our APCM on April 15th., so if you think you might be able to help, please let me know!

There are also four members of our PCC who's places are up for re-election this year. I believe that they may be willing to stand again, but that need not deter anyone else who would like to be considered for this or indeed for election as sidesperson/welcomer.

But on a more positive note, I can report that the post of Verger has been filled by David Bowden. David lives in Pattingham and works both at Patshull Park Hotel and is something of an expert in bus timetables(!) Given that he may not always be available in the middle of the day, some of the keys will continue to be available from Gladys, me or Gena - but do try David first please. And a very big thank you to everyone who has helped 'fill in' with verging duties since Mary Stubbs' retirement.

We will need lots more volunteers in various roles in the coming months. There are gaps in the churchyard mowing rota (please see Dave Sampson if you could help) and we will be looking for adults willing and able to help with holiday club - this year we think it will run on the 8th, 9th and 10th of August. Lisa Ainsworth could also do with some extra help with the Sunday School - as we have more and more children coming, which is fantastic!

New recruits to the choir are always welcome, not to mention the Youth Service, and Messy Church, and TLC ...

There are so many ways in which the Church needs people - indeed the church is nothing if not its people. Beautiful buildings are all very well, but it is the worshipping community and communion within, that make it feel alive and vibrant. I love serving in a church where there are so many talented and able people and where there can be a real feeling of a team working together - all inspired by God's love for his people and our love for this place and community.

At Easter we remember afresh the promise of new and eternal life; we look to the cross and we glory in Christ's resurrection.

May God bless and keep you all, Happy Easter.