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'Maureen's Musings'

May 2014

So here I am a whole year older and now in my seventh decade (as a friend (?) of mine keeps reminding me!) But am I any wiser?

Well, I know that we have some fantastic cake makers and some lovely people in this village (but then I knew that anyway!) To all those who helped to make it first of all a lovely Easter with the church looking marvellous, and secondly who helped me to celebrate my birthday by coming to the tea party and in many cases, in assisting with the catering or decoration - a huge THANK YOU!!!

It was a wonderful week and although I don't as yet know the total, I am sure that your generosity will mean a great deal to Christian Aid as well. Thank you too for all the many cards and personal gifts that came my way - I am a very lucky Priest-in-Charge / soon to be Vicar!

For those of you who may have been watching the current series of' Rev' on the BBC - which had its final episode last night as I write this, rest assured that I do not feel anything like as depressed or unvalued as Adam Smallbone does in his fictional London Parish. But this remarkable series - which has surely moved from being a sitcom to a comedy drama - especially in this latest series - has been wonderfully written and acted. For myself and my clergy friends it is pretty much obligatory viewing and we both laugh and cry in equal measure, because we can recognise much of the truth in the depiction of the church as an institution - not to mention the foibles of both clergy and parishioners (but no, our Archdeacon is nothing like that!) And meanwhile, we have the delight of our very own 'Vicar of Dibley' to enjoy in the village!

Back to reality... We are starting to explore and develop our partnership with St Alban's Ashmore Park, with a view to taking part with them in a joint presentation at an event on Saturday 14 June in the Beacon Centre, Stafford on 'Close the Gap' - to which you are all invited. Part of this will involve listening to the reality of lives lived in rather different circumstances to many of us here in leafy, comfortable Pattingham... but also recognising that poverty and problems are not unique to the more urban parts of our Diocese. We hope to be sharing joint stories too of reminiscences of Town and Country in War and Peace - partly in conjunction with our own local activities to mark the anniversary of the start of World War I. I am so grateful to Peter Leigh and to the Parish Council for the outstanding piece of research Peter has done into the stories that lie behind the names on our War Memorial. One of the folders is now in church and I recommend you all to have a look at it. We are also exploring how else we might mark this year - maybe with a special service or event in church - so watch this space...

I think we are in for another rather busy summer - so no time to put my feet up yet!
Every Blessing,