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'Maureen's Musings'

May 2015

So May has arrived, and with it the big decision that we all need to make on May 7th....

I know that it seems like this General Election has been going on for far too long already - we have known exactly when it would be for years, rather than months, but, whatever your political affiliation - I hope you will all turn out and vote on the day. I know it is very tempting to think that "my vote won't matter one way or another" but I think we owe it to those who fought so hard to ensure that we have the right to cast our ballot - at least once every five years. And if we don't bother to cast that vote, then we do really get the government we deserve! So while I would never try and tell you for whom to vote - the principle of voting is really, really important .... SO DO IT!

May is also the month that sees the agricultural cycle come round once more as we mark the time of Rogation - asking for God's blessing on the crops to come... and by extension, asking for his blessing on all our endeavours in whatever field we labour. I know Ken has written elsewhere in this magazine about the planned walk and service at Patshull - and I hope to see a good number of you there on May 10th.

It is amazing to think that it is already a year since we ran the Everybody Welcome course in Church. That seems to have had a really big impact on our church life with so many more people talking about and thinking about making everyone welcome... and the new doors have of course played a big part of that.

We also have another opportunity to celebrate as a parish during May as we gather on the afternoon of 9th May (Day before the Rogation Walk) to have a proper opportunity to thank David and Liz for all they have done for St Chad's and our community over the years that Dave has been Churchwarden. Not that they will be disappearing of course, but time for them to lay down some of the responsibilities they have carried so long and so well.

As I write this before the APCM I am still praying and hoping that someone will feel moved to step - not into David's shoes as Churchwarden (that would be impossible) but to step up and bring their own unique talents to bear on what is a significant role in our community. I believe strongly that God does provide.... let's hope he is not sleeping on Sunday evening!

Can I take this opportunity to remind you that on Ascension Day - this year on 14th May, we will as usual hold a Communion Service to mark this great feast in the Christian Calendar but one which sadly today can get overlooked. It has none of the glamour of Easter or Christmas - but is one of the three major feast days on which all committed Christians are encouraged to take communion. So again I hope to see a goodly crowd gathered at 7.30pm that evening. It is also the formal end of the Easter Season - closely followed of course by Pentecost (the birthday of the Church).

I will also be starting a confirmation group for adults this month.... so if anyone is interested, please phone me for further details.

Every blessing