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'Maureen's Musings'

June 2009

It's been an odd few weeks - not at all as I had imagined or planned. On the whole the weather (in April and early May) has been wonderful - lots of bright spring sunshine, but not yet too hot; trees and hedgerows at their freshest and best; beautiful swathes of colour appearing in the garden - (always exciting when you move house - seeing just what comes up!).

And now - as I look forward to celebrating Rogation this Sunday (17th May) the rain is threatened ... typical! But the gardens no doubt need the water to prepare for what we are promised... a long hot summer. My biggest frustration is seeing things all around me that need doing, but feeling very limited due to the injury to my hand and the need to wear a hard, plastic splint to protect the tendons while they mend. Something that happens so quickly - and then leaves consequences that last weeks, if not months.

And soon it will be Ascension, then Pentecost and the long weeks of the season of Trinity ... not to mention the excitement of sharing in my first Summer Fete with you. Interestingly, Bishop Clive remembered attending this event as one of his official duties as Bishop of Wolverhampton and commented to me this last week, what a great event it had been. So with that recommendation I am really looking forward to it. What Daisy (my Labrador) will make of the dog agility team we hope to have on the day I cannot imagine!

A time for great celebration and for enjoying the wonders of God's world all around us.

We recently enjoyed a Youth Service with that as a theme - and were treated to some of Sue Riches' fascinating tales and photographs of her globetrotting travels. What a wealth of talent and adventure lies within this community!

I don't suppose the moments of Resurrection and Ascension lasted very long at the time - and yet the consequences of those events have stayed with us for around 2000 years and continue to transform the lives of men, women and children - and communities the world over. So how, I wonder, will your life be changed, expectations upended, plans thrown into confusion this summer? Not too traumatically I hope, but whatever comes our way in the great kaleidoscope of life, isn't it great to know that Christ is always there for us?

Have a blessed (& accident free!) Summer ahead