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'Maureen's Musings'

June 2011

I feel a mixture of sad and happy as I sit down to write this.

Happy - because after a very intense week interviewing and writing reports on some excellent candidates for Ordained Ministry, I am due to leave tomorrow for a week's holiday in Switzerland! No jokes about cuckoo clocks and Toblerone PLEASE! I find these days that holidays are great in the planning and booking phase. Then comes the bit trying to make sure you have all the right clothes you might possibly want (quite good, that bit). Then comes the bit when you try to make sure you have done all the work necessary to provide proper cover while away and suddenly remember another piece of work that has to be done at the last minute (like writing for the Parish Magazine!) THEN comes the packing (***!**!**! )

At this point I begin to wonder whether it is all worthwhile? .... but I know once I am on the train bound for London I shall begin to enjoy it.
Sad - because I have to report that after many years of faithful and outstanding service to St Chad's, Mary and Alan have decided that from the end of this month they must retire as Vergers for our church. They will be a hard act to follow - but if there is anyone out there who feels they might be able to take on the much needed post of being keeper of the keys and all-round Vicar's Treasure, please let me know as soon as possible. Alan and Mary will continue to be members of our congregation - I hope for many years to come - and I am sure we will find a suitable time and opportunity to thank them and make a proper farewell to them in their respective roles.

I also feel quite inspired after today's Clergy Conference for the Wolverhampton Area - held in the Science Park - (what a good facility that is). Thinking about the theme "your kingdom come" we had short presentations from several parishes and churches, highlighting the excellent community-based things that are going on - in both town and country. Churches getting involved where there is need. Acting out the love of God in Christ in practical and joyful ways. Building bridges in communities and between faith groups, and through it all strengthening the work of God's Church. His kingdom truly is all around - you just have to open your eyes and look!

We hope to have our own small contribution to the kingdom getting underway this summer - probably after the Summer Fete at the beginning of July. We are planning to start a monthly group for people of any age who have suffered loss or bereavement - whether recent or not. They will meet over a cup of tea or coffee and have an opportunity to talk to others who can understand something of the pain and grief that remains when we lose a loved-one. But I am sure the conversation will have more laughs than tears as memories are shared and new friends made. Look out for the notice elsewhere in this magazine.

Right! Time to get back to the packing.... where did I put that kitchen sink?