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'Maureen's Musings'

June 2015

As we move into the month June- so the Church moves into Ordinary Time, following the celebration of Trinity Sunday which this year was on 31 May.

The Church calls this time 'Ordinary' not to indicate that it is worth any the less in God's view, but simply that it is a time not punctuated by any of the great Feasts or Festivals of the Church. The colour of our vestments (the special robes worn by the priest and the cloths that dress the altars etc., in church) are all green - which also seems to suit the time of year when our gardens and the whole of nature bursts into life and growth - not ordinary at all!

Last month we celebrated Rogation - when we ask God to bless the crops just beginning to grow in the fields; and to bless us with a good harvest when the time comes. Living here in Pattingham it is still possible to feel close to the miracles of nature. The beauty of our countryside often reminds me of the saying we get from the Celtic church - that God teaches us through two great books; the first is the Bible, but the second is that of nature herself. And many people feel closer to God, or at least to something bigger than themselves, when they are out of doors rather than in a building - even one as beautiful as St Chad's. I am still really surprised at how the natural world - and climate change in particular - seemed to feature so little in the recent General Election.... from almost all the parties!

Experiences that bring us closer to God will I imagine also be to the fore when we visit the Cathedral in Lichfield on the morning of Saturday 13 June for the latest of the "For Richer For Poorer" days with our partners at St Alban's Wednesfield. Terry Braithwaite from St Albans was one of the visitors to South Africa from this diocese earlier in the year and we hope very much that he will be able to come and speak about his experiences with the Hands at Work Africa organisation - both in the cathedral and perhaps here in Pattingham too. Anyone who would like to join us on 13 June to hear more, please contact me.

And last but not least I will be returning to the Cathedral at the end of the month - Sunday 28th - to see Ness Tobin ordained as a deacon in the Church of England. Ness did a placement with us this time last year and since then she and her family have been regular members of our congregation here in Pattingham. It is an occasion of great joy to see her ordained - tinged with a little sadness that from then on she will be working in her new parish - St Thomas' Wednesdfield, with the Team Rector there, the Revd. Nick Watson. But since that is the same team in which St Alban's is a part - maybe we will still see her occasionally! Wherever she is, I am sure she will have a wonderful ministry.

So maybe June will not be so ordinary after all!

Every blessing