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July 2009

"Does having a half-time Priest-in-Charge mean she's only here for half the Sundays in a year?"
Well, no - and no-one has said as much to me yet - But I wouldn't blame some of you for starting to think that! It wasn't exactly intended, but
sometimes events take over. But let me say a big "THANK YOU" to all the colleagues and parishioners who have/are helping out over the Spring/ Summer.

Apart from the ongoing hand problem (I won't bore you with it now), there was General Synod. GS is the Church of England's parliament, and the only
other law-making body in England outside of Westminster. I was elected as a member 4 years ago, and at least twice a year I am expected to attend sittings. The three houses - Laity, Clergy and Bishops - handle all ecclesiastical legislation through the various committee / revision stages before it becomes law, and also seek to explore the mind of the Church on issues of national importance. So as well as discussing the national Church's budget and spending priorities, we also considered Stewardship and Giving, Clergy Pensions, Church Growth, Ministry with People with Learning Difficulties and Autism, Episcopal and senior appointments and the recent Children's Society report on good (and not so good) childhood and parenting - amongst other topics.

We receive an enormous amount of information in preparation for this in the 2 - 3 weeks leading up to a sitting, and when there, are working usually from 9am to 10pm with breaks for food and worship. It is hard work, but very stimulating, and I learn an enormous amount from participating in debates and group-work, and seeing what keeps the Church of England 'ticking over'.

After that, I need a holiday to recover - not to mention the long-suffering friend who has provided my 'post-operative' care recently.

Then later in August, I have a trip to lona. This is my retreat for 2009 - part of my required working life and vital for spiritual R&R - as for any priest (or Christian). I have been planning this for 2 years and am really looking forward to the experience.
The benefit to the parish in this, is that you get me back later this month, "fired up and raring to go"(!) and in the meantime have lots of variety from visiting clergy .... so we all keep on our toes.

Whatever the summer brings you (I hope not swine flu!) I hope it will also include a little of what I have been talking about -
• something to challenge
• something to leave you rested and refreshed
• some space for you and God to get "up close and personal".

A happy, peaceful and blessed Summer to you all.


PS. What a fantastic fete! Well done to all - have you seen the photos on the website?
fete photos >>

Mega thanks to all who worked so hard on the day and contributed in any way to a super, fun day, benefiting the whole communitv and raising a substantial sum for Church funds.