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'Maureen's Musings'

July 2010

Well, after my rather doom-laden scribbling of last month I am delighted to be able to share with you that we seem to have had an answer to prayer in the form of not one but TWO new people to take over the tasks that Elaine Coleman and Margaret Lingford have so ably carried out for so long! A huge big THANKYOU and welcome to Mike Moss and Lesley Jones. I am looking forward to working with you both - and the future of this magazine seems assured for a while yet - Phew! And we are of course grateful for the superb job that Elaine and Margaret have done for the last few years - (I won't embarrass them by revealing exactly how many!)

I am writing this the day after conducting an experiment with the Fellowship Group. Don't worry, we all survived the experience(!) and curiously, today one of our Bishops was commenting that he had not often heard in his travels around his area, of creative approaches to Bible Study. So I was able to tell him that we had spent an interesting hour or so considering a well-known Bible passage from the standpoint of each of our senses in turn; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. There is nothing difficult about this, but it does make a new way of looking at a familiar story and maybe encountering it - and the God who meets us within it - in a new way. (Ha! Pattingham leads the way - again!)

Finding new and fresh ways to meet Jesus in our daily lives and hear afresh the message of the gospel speaking to us; interacting with us in all we do - is something that excites and energises me - and I hope you too. It is a joy at present to spend time with some of our young people as we explore together the path to confirmation. They show no hesitation in engaging with the gospel message and this is proving a really encouraging experience. I am also aware of several adults who would be interested in confirmation .... and it is never too late. I am hoping that we can persuade Bishop Clive to come to Pattingham at some point in the autumn. And the more candidates I have, the more likely he is to make a special trip - so if this is something you have been wondering about, please contact me as soon as possible. There is nothing very hard or frightening about taking this step of fuller membership into the Church - but I believe strongly that it enhances our experience of belonging and of worship.

Talking of belonging - the great Church & Village Fete occurs at the beginning of July - so let's pray for lots of lovely fine weather and record breaking crowds to reward all those who I know are working so hard to make it a success. Have you got your raffle tickets yet?!

Oh and congratulations if the football team you were supporting made it through to win the World Cup .... and commiserations if it didn't!