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'Maureen's Musings'

July 2012

It's that time of year again! Yes, the church and village fete will be upon us any time soon. Carol B has been working very hard to make sure we have lots of attractions and some new exciting guests this year to add to the fun. It's been a bit touch and go at times as a number of us are unfortunately going to be missing. So I do hope that everyone pulls together on the day and makes it a huge success. I know we will need all the cakes that Pattingham can produce... (and that is saying something!), and help with the refreshments. So over to you!

"and what about the Vicar?" I hear you ask! Well sadly I will be missing this year. The weekend clashes this year with the July session of General Synod, and I am bound to be there - in York this time. And yet again, most of our discussion will be tied up with the thorny question of Women Bishops ...

"Still?" I hear you ask. Yes, 'fraid so. What is more, because the House of Bishops has tried to insert two contentious amendments to the proposed legislation that was approved by 42 out of 44 dioceses, it may be that even the supporters of Women Bishops will feel obliged to vote down the measure. All very frustrating, and I haven't fully decided which way I will vote yet. Please keep all of us in your prayers. Something tells me we will need them.

Then of course, we will all be getting geared up for the Olympics. Finally after all the years and months of it getting closer and closer; after watching the progress of the Olympic torch around the country; and after the spectacle of the Diamond Jubilee, the Games are here! Let's hope it will be an occasion for excellence, for sporting endeavour and international cooperation . I am sure there will be plenty of cynics around who will do their best to destroy these illusions - but maybe our athletes will help us all to continue to feel the good aspects of National Pride that the Queen's anniversary sparked for many.

God bless and keep you