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'Maureen's Musings'

July 2016

We have just had one of the most sombre weeks I can remember as I write these thoughts.... and by the time you read them, we will know for good or ill whether we are to remain in or exit from the European Union.

Personally I cannot help feeling that the whole furore around the referendum has brought out the worst aspects of this country and us as a nation - not helped by pictures coming into our living rooms of football followers behaving badly in France. And that was before the tragic events in Yorkshire that cut short the life of Jo Cox, a promising young politician and an outstanding humanitarian activist. It prompted me to write to our own MP, Gavin Williamson, expressing my thanks for all that he and his colleagues at Westminster undertake on our behalf - of whatever party - and the risks they take.

However, to turn to what I hope will be more pleasant thoughts, the first weekend in July always brings the church/village fete. So let us hope that this will help restore our jaded and depressed spirits! ( or is it just me???)

There is a new team organising this year and they have been working hard to build on the excellent legacy of Carol Broxton. There will be some old favourites and some new innovations, with we hope plenty to appeal to all ages and tastes. So do come along and give them - and all of us - your support.

And this year I and some others will be promoting the Church and our various activities as well - so come and say "Hello" and (for those under 12) there may be a free gift as well!

I am also looking forward to the end of year 'Leavers' Service' for the School - on 22 July, when I am sure we will make good use of our new facilities in church so that all the congregation will have an excellent view of the 'action'. If you missed the demonstration during the Queen's birthday weekend of our new system of screens and cameras, you are in for a treat!

And in other news, I am planning this month to begin a group for adults interested in confirmation and also to offer the possibility of younger children being prepared for first communion if they and their parents would be interested. Please contact me if you would like to know more. (700257)

But in the meantime, I am about to take a short holiday..... so see you shortly!
Happy Holidays and every blessing.