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'Maureen's Musings'

August 2009

September- month of autumn mists and mellow fruitfulness! Or will it be heat-wave or monsoon flood this year?

Writing this in the first week of August, it is hard to know - the weather forecasters have been coming in for a bit of stick recently for having forecast a "barbecue summer". Well, while July and the first few days of August have been decidedly damp, we have very short memories... what about the sunshine of June?

What I can predict with certainty is that September will see our Harvest Festival on Sunday 27th (I just hope that the farmers have been able to get most of the crops in by then - we are still pretty dependent on the weather in some ways, in spite of all our so called technological advances). This year this will also coincide with 'Back to Church Sunday'- a national initiative in the Churches, and so-called because it presents us with a special opportunity to invite a friend or neighbour who does not usually or often come to Church, to come with you on that day and find out what it is that you treasure and enjoy about coming to St Chad's. And if they come once, then maybe - just maybe - they will want to come back again!

I know from the comments I got back soon after I arrived, that this is a Church that commands fantastic support, loyalty and affection from its lively and hard-working, and very welcoming congregation. So don't keep such a good thing just to yourself and your family. Why not invite someone else along to our harvest service and help them connect (or re-connect) with whatever it is that keeps you coming back week after week?

The theme of this year's invite is "Come as you are." - the idea being that God can be worshipped whether you are wearing your `Sunday best' or jeans and wellies.... in fact, maybe I shall suggest to our farmers that they should come wearing their wellies that day! What do you think? And what would you wear to feel comfortable with God? Whatever it is (within reason!), come along on the 27th and help us celebrate in style. Celebrate the Harvest,

Come as you are, Come back to Church.... a warm welcome awaits all.