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'Maureen's Musings'

August 2011

I can hardly believe it is a whole year since Mike took over running the Magazine, and Lesley took over preparing our weekly pew notices, etc. Well everything went extremely smoothly and my continuing thanks to them both for all they do.

And another year with an outstanding Fete. Again much thanks to the brilliant work of Carol Broxton, who shouldered much of the organisation on her own - with assistance from one and all. But her hard work made it outstanding - and the weather again helped a great deal. I know she has already started planning for 2012.... will it be an Olympic theme or the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, or has she got something else up her sleeve? We await with interest! Big 'thank yous' all round to all who contributed in ways great and small. And Mike Coope has updated the website again, so do look at all the fun of the fete, captured through his lens.

This summer has also seen the end of an era in many ways. - And I am not just talking about the final Harry Potter film! Mrs Nicklin leaves St Chad's School this term - a great wrench for everyone. The school put on a really fantastic production of 'Mary Poppins' for her, and as I write I am looking forward to their end of term 'Leavers' Service' in church on Friday 22 July, when I suspect there may be more than a few tears amid the laughter. But we also look forward to September and to welcoming Sarah Yeomans as the new Head teacher at the school. It will be a challenging time to take on this new responsibility with all the changes affecting education in our part of the world. As she is a regular member of St Chad's congregation I am particularly looking forward to working with Mrs Yeomans, and giving her all the support I can.

We have also bid farewell (at least metaphorically) to Mary and Alan Stubbs after many wonderful years as our Verger(s) at Church. So far no-one has come forward to take on the full role, although I am very grateful for various people who have stepped forward to do at least part of the job - but Mary's constant and caring presence is much missed. She was adamant about not wanting a fuss made of her retirement - and I know there is some concern about this... all I can say at present is 'Watch this space' - we have been wracking our brains on the PCC and I hope we have come up with a suggestion that will please everyone. But it's still a bit 'hush-hush' at present! And I am still open to volunteers if anyone feels they could take on the Verger's role!

So will this summer be remembered as the end of an era (RIP NotW), or the dawn of an exciting new age? I leave you to decide - but as we look forward to the Harvest and our Scarecrow Festival, I can't help believing the best is yet to come ... in so many ways.

The Lord bless and keep you,