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'Maureen's Musings'

August 2012

Someone asked me this week where my inspiration comes from for these musings.... well it can come from almost anywhere; often the radio; sometimes events in the calendar; or it might be something someone says to me - all of the above and more can trigger my random thought processes...

This morning, I happened to catch a bit of a programme where an inspirational teacher was helping her teenage girl students to realise that there is more to life than aspiring to be 'a celebrity' and trying to change your body image by artificial means... She was encouraging them to find out about real life role models - women doing interesting and challenging careers and the girls organised a conference for other teenagers where they could come together and hear at first-hand what life was like for these impressive adults. The results were immediate and amazing. Suddenly these 'Essex girls' - (and they came from Billericay!) were talking about wanting to take up the Law, or to be in the caring professions or to become magazine editors. It brought it home to me again what a truly wonderful vocation teaching can be and how much it matters that a young person comes up against the right sort of teacher (and the right sort of role models).

Those of us who were fortunate to see the St Chad's school production of "The Lion King" will have had another glimpse of how inspired teaching and leadership can improve and enrich the lives of our children. Well done Mrs Yeomans, Miss Scarrott , Mrs Hawkins and everyone who had the original vision and helped with this amazing production.

Well done too, to all who helped with the Church Fete. The rain poured and the wind blew but did that discourage you? - No!! Even if the event was a little altered by not being able to be on the playing field, by your amazing efforts it was still a significant financial success and I am told that everyone enjoyed themselves too - especially the Town Cryer!

Now the School year is finished, the holidays stretch ahead and St Chad's Holiday Club is running on August 9th and 10th. Please make sure you get your registration forms filled in and returned to Colin Ringrose or Gladys Jones. This year has an 'Olympic', sports theme and lots of fun is being planned with crafts and activities to help us think about 'Team Jesus' as well as 'Team GB'. Let's hope that (eventually) we get some summer weather to help us really enjoy our times of rest and recreation - and of worship and work!

May God bless and inspire you