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'Maureen's Musings'

August 2014
Yes, I have been to General Synod again .... But apart from THAT vote, we were concerned with much else besides.

Working for the common good was a major focus for us this time. What does that mean? Well you tell me! All churches need to relate to and serve their community. So how can St Chad's help you in your life? Do you need practical help of some kind? Is loneliness an issue? Are you worried about dementia? Would you like help or advice in parenting skills? Would you like to see a credit union operating locally? And what about your working or professional life? Does your church do anything to help you live out your calling as a Christian in the world?..... How might we do more? The potential areas are almost limitless and I am sure you could come up with even more. As the Archbishop of Canterbury has said, the common good is not always the same as the general interest...

Of course, I cannot pretend not to be pleased that finally (FINALLY!) we passed the Measure to allow Women to be admitted to the House and College of Bishops. Now perhaps we can get on with so many other pressing issues. You may have seen scenes of celebration and champagne? That was not for me … I just needed to get some quiet time on my own, away from the crowds to reflect and give thanks to God in my own way that something I have dreamed of seeing for many years will at last come to pass. And to give thanks that there was a sense of the whole church - those against the principle, as well as those (the vast majority) in favour - being prepared to move forward together. Respecting our differences, but not erecting more barriers and walls between us.

This month sees the start of the many events to make the centenary of World War One. Here in Pattingham we are blessed to have the hard work and efforts of Peter Leigh - our Local Historian, who has done a wonderful job of recording some information about all of those from our memorials who served in WWl. The folder containing his work has been in church for a few weeks, but at Evensong on Sunday 3 August (6.30pm) we are planning to dedicate it and have a service that will mark in a fitting way this poignant anniversary.

It was supposed to be "the war to end all wars" - and we know too well how we have failed to make that a reality. So there will be no celebration as such - but there will I hope be opportunities to remember those who gave so much, that we might live in (relative) peace.

The Lord bless you, and keep you….