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'Maureen's Musings'

August 2015

Are we in the silly season? Well, maybe - and maybe not!

Firstly my comments last month have not gone unremarked! - which is good. I am never too sure when I write these musings whether anyone actually reads them - but I am reassured from the comments I have had that a good number of you actually do! And the response has been overwhelming approval for my rather apocalyptic predictions of what life in Pattingham might turn into. So far, so good - but the ball is now in your court(s) well and truly and only time will tell if other people come forward to get involved and give some of their time and energy to community and church events.

But having said all that, I have also to congratulate all those behind the fete this year - and those who helped with the Open Garden and Sunday Lunch Party at the Evans' farm. Thankfully, the weather was reasonably kind on both key days in July and we had a great turnout to both. All was highly enjoyable and financially the events were a great success too.

(Oh and if anyone knows the identity of the anonymous critic who unfortunately received - in error - some out of date produce from the Tombola stall - we would like to apologise and make it up to you - but by withholding your name and address, you have made this impossible! Better luck next year.... if there is a next year!)

So onwards and upwards as we now look forward to our youngsters leading us all on a "Polar Expedition" at Holiday Club - 19 - 21 August inclusive.

July also saw a bit of an 'end of an era' moment for me personally as I attended my last ever session of General Synod. After 10 years of attending - doing a lot of sitting and occasionally standing on my hind legs to have my say, I have decided to 'retire' from this legislative body and leave the arguments and debates to others. But GS will continue and the elections are now fast coming up. If any of you would like to know more, I am more than happy to tell you. All you need to be is a communicant member of the Church of England - you do not have to be a member currently of either Deanery or Diocesan Synods to stand for election - and we desperately need good, moderately-minded 'ordinary' church lay people to stand... The House of Laity in particular tends to be very un-representative of the Church at large, because it is usually 'the extremists' who have the motivation to stand for election. Don't let this happen again!

Many of you will be taking holiday in the next few weeks - me included - so let me close by wishing you all a very good vacation with lots of rest and recreation, .... or should that read re-Creation?

Every blessing