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September 2012

September for me is a time of holiday. So just as many of our youngsters and teachers are thinking about starting a new term, I will be enjoying a couple of weeks 'R&R' in North Wales... and after all the excitement of the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics, - not to mention our Holiday Club, which was great fun, I feel in need of a bit of relaxation - but there is still the Paralympics to come!.... Yet more excitement - I feel exhausted just thinking about it!

It has been in many ways a wonderful summer. Not so much as regards weather - at least in the early part of summer. May, June and early July were such soggy months. But haven't we all been caught up and bowled over by the success and sense of fun that spilled over from our great celebrations this year? Despite all the economic doom and gloom, and despite the dreadful instances of war and conflict still raging in many parts of the world? It is good to know that the human spirit is still capable of sporting endeavour, generosity and excellence.

But enough reflection.... September is also the month of our Harvest Celebrations - which this year will also incorporate the wedding of Kate Jones and Russ Hore. Now I would not usually single out a wedding couple for special mention in this article, but Kate and her family are such key members of our Church family that I am sure the whole village will feel like they are involved in this particular wedding.

And with Harvest falling on a '5th Sunday' , 30th September, Paul, Ken and I decided that we would like to try something a bit different. So, no Mattins this month, but instead there will be a grand festival Evensong for Harvest at 6.30pm that day, and at 10am we will have a Family Service/Eucharist, when I shall be using some brand new communion prayers designed especially for occasions when a lot of children are present. So I hope that our younger families will come along to give thanks for the Harvest (and for all God's blessings on our lives) and to give thanks for God's love, demonstrated through communion, but one that will be 'a bit different' to our usual service. We will again be distributing some of our Harvest gifts within the village, and some will go to support the Food Banks run by the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd in Wolverhampton and others. So although times are difficult, I hope you will continue to show Pattingham & Patshull generosity to those less fortunate than ourselves.

And following on from last month's announcement, just a small reminder that on Saturday 22nd September I will be installed as a Prebend of the Cathedral in Lichfield, at Evensong at 5.30pm. If any of you would like to come to that service you will be most welcome - I am sure the Cathedral can accommodate everyone (but please leave plenty of time to find a parking space in Lichfield). It won't be just me - you will see two colleagues of mine, the Revd. Jeff Leonardi and the Revd. David Vestergaard also being installed at the same service. And just to reassure you - this makes no difference at all to my appointment as Priest-in-Charge here in Pattingham and Patshull ... (although there is just a chance that before too long the 'suspension' on this parish will be lifted, which will mean I can be properly your 'Vicar' in title as well as function)

So all in all, a lot to celebrate and give thanks for in September!

Every blessing,