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October 2013

Yes, the Vicar is back!

Three months passed very quickly from my perspective, and yes, it is good to be back with you all, although I will admit to finding it not that easy to get back into the routine of all that has to be done week by week ... and I can definitely understand the attractions of retirement if one can be fit and active! But enough of that for now - I did enjoy learning a new language (or at least beginning to learn it!) and I am so grateful for the many people who pitched in to help and make sure that my absence wasn't felt too strongly.

By the time you read this, the Scarecrow Festival will also have come and gone for another year.

Let's hope that the weekend was marked by golden autumnal weather and happy crowds of people throughout the village. I am so impressed by all the hard work that has gone into it yet again.

I also hope that we have a new Verger to announce to you shortly as we wish David Bowden well in his adventures travelling by train across Europe, Russia and Asia to arrive in Australia in November.... (I think attending the Ashes has something to do with the timing!) David made the job uniquely his own and has become a much valued member of the church family... wherever he ends up and on which ever continent, our good wishes and thanks go with him.

October will also I hope see another Messy Church adventure. Although at the time of writing I am not 100% certain of the date. I thought you might be interested to read what a 17-year old student has written about her experience of Messy Church. She lives and worships near Bristol, but much of what she has to say could apply here in Pattingham too.

" One of the great things (about MC) is that everyone, no matter how young or old they are, can take an active part in it. Whether that is standing at the door and saying hello, or making something, or sitting at a table and having a conversation with people, it is all equally important... Being part of the team is really important too, because you get to be involved in the whole process, from the planning right through to the meal. .. Joy seems to shine out of people at Messy Church and there never seems to be a lack of smiles. I think this is God at work and God shining through people to help create this warm and friendly community. MC helps us to be Christ-centred and live our lives for God because we are helping to create happy memories with people."

Couldn't put it better myself! Hope you have lots of happy memories to sustain you as we move through the Autumn here in Pattingham.

Every Blessing