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October 2014

While I am writing this in mid-September as your Priest-in-Charge, I am confident that by the time you read this I will really be your Vicar!

What is the difference you may ask? The truth is not very much - there is a technical, legal difference, which these days means much less than it used to - but we should have tidied up a legal anomaly and it is nice to be truly a Vicar again!!! (So far, since ordination I have been an Assistant Curate, a Rector, a Priest-in-Charge and now a Vicar... and I remain a Prebendary .... what is in a name?)

Such a lot going on this month!

Although there has been a short delay to the start of the work, I am really hopeful that by October we will have our lovely new doors in place, gracing the entrance to St Chad's and extending our welcome out into the community.

I must make reference to the 25th Anniversary of the Bells Run which will happen on Sunday 12th October. I will keep my fingers crossed for a fine, cool day and lots of entrants! Many thanks to Tony Ainsworth and his able team who have, I know been working extra hard to make this year's event truly memorable. Only sorry I cannot be there this year to cheer the winner home - but I will be thinking about you.

And the following weekend, 19th October sees the launch I believe of our new Stewardship initiative - Digging Deeper. I don't want to spoil anyone's thunder and hard work by saying too much here - but I am sure you will be hearing much more about this in the months to come...

Also that day - 19th October - the Revd. Sam Leach will be coming to take the morning service at 10am while I am finishing off my annual break. He is the vicar of St Alban's, our partner church in the 'Close the Gap' programme we are engaged on. I am pleased to say that a good number of us went to meet his congregation and see his church in September - and some of our younger church members made a memorable contribution to our worship that night - Thank you! So do make him as welcome as I know you can!

Our next course for those interested in exploring the Christian faith - Pilgrim - kicks off on 1st October - why not come along and try it out? We are running this for the next 6 weeks and I am really excited about the format and resources we have to enjoy on this.

I hope that on Friday 31st October - Halloween - we shall be providing an alternative event for our youngsters, through the hard work of the Messy Church team. This comes at the end of half-term and I would like us to put on a Party of Light - 3.30pm in the Village Hall - lots of activities and some good stories and worship. Aimed at all the young at heart, especially those 4-12, but please bring a parent or other adult with you!

And by the end of the month we will be gearing up for our annual service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance for all those whom we have loved and lost - especially in the past 12 months. That will take place this year on Sunday 2nd November - so watch out for the lists of names to appear at the back of church. Remember we will not automatically include anyone who died more than six years ago - unless you ask us to by name.

Phew! - like I said, a lot going on....
The Lord bless you and keep you,