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November 2009

November is the month of remembering in so many, many ways.
Remember, Remember the 5th of November; Gunpowder, Treason and Plot!
Well I hope there won't be too much of the latter around Pattingham in November, but I am sure there will be a lot of remembering.

We begin on All Saints' Day - November 1st - with a Family Service Sunday at which we will be baptising two little - ones, Emma Louise Hughes and Travis Cooper. And Travis is going to bring along his Dad to be baptised too - which will make it rather special (No jokes please about the Vicar trying to lift him up!) I think Daniel is doing a splendid thing - sharing in his son's baptism, so we will have a wonderful opportunity to welcome these two families into our church family and to give them both a day to remember.

In the afternoon I shall be attending the welcoming service in Lichfield Cathedral for our new Archdeacon - Chris Sims. Chris has until recently been Vicar of Shrewsbury Abbey, in which role I got to know him slightly in my previous existence, so it will be good to be part of the welcome he and his family receive into the Walsall Archdeaconry (of which the Trysull Deanery and Pattingham & Patshull Parish are a part).

Then in the evening (of the 1st November) we shall again be holding the special annual service at which the names of departed loved-ones may be remembered as they are read out, and a candle lit in their memory. The list gets ever longer - which is sad in some ways, but I know brings comfort to many. Next year (2010) we shall be inviting those whose loved-one died more than six years ago to let us know if they want them still to be featured in the service, but for this year all remains as it has always been.

As we move through the month we come the following Sunday - 8th- to Remembrance Sunday itself. I think this annual event, paying respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for 'Queen and Country' - and for all of us - has become even more significant in recent years with our forces engaged in such dangerous theatres of war as Iraq and especially Afghanistan - 'Lest we forget'. It will be good to welcome the uniformed organisations into church and to share this day with you. When I was first ordained, I worked in another St Chad's - in Shrewsbury, and each year we hosted a big Remembrance day service with members of the KSLI past and present, and RAF personnel from Shawbury, and sometimes a representative of the Navy too ... so hopefully I can make it as memorable for the Beavers and Cub Scouts etc., of our own community...

All that and we won't even be half-way through the month ... then before we know it the strains of Christmas Carols will be upon us .... With all that coming up, perhaps I need to get into training (brain training?) in plenty of time - there's a lot to remember!