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November 2010

Let's begin the month of remembrance with a news roundup.

First of all - a belated Happy Anniversary to two of our stalwart church couples. David and Liz Sampson celebrated their Ruby Anniversary on the day of the Bells Run ... 17th October. And Sylvia and Bob Harrington passed their Diamond Anniversary on the 28th of last month too! (sorry Liz & Dave, you've got a few years to go yet!) Having just officiated at what I think is the last wedding in St Chad's for 2010 - (We have had 17 this year which is not bad for a village of this size) and with 15 already 'in the book' for 2011, it is good to know that despite all the competition and with many couples 'just not getting round' to formalising their relationship, there are still plenty who do value making their commitment to each other in a formal way - in public and before God.

Now for the not so good news.... St Chad's and St Mary's have both been visited by the lead thieves again this autumn. As I write we have only just discovered the theft and damage in Pattingham - despite all the measures that were put in place the last time this happened, some years ago. While the Churchwardens go through the time-consuming, frustrating and expensive processes of contacting our Insurers, the Police and organise something to make the church water-tight again, please keep them especially in your prayers and - if you notice anything at all suspicious around the church or churchyard, please notify me or them or the police as soon as possible. Thank you. This problem has become so acute that the Insurers can now only pay a fraction of the cost of replacing our roof covering. Nationally, claims are running at over £1million for losses caused by lead thieves.

In a week or so our Archbishop, Rowan Williams, will be visiting the Diocese and I hope as many of you as possible will take advantage of the several opportunities to meet, hear and see him - especially on Sat. 6th November in Telford at the International Centre there. There are sheets in church for you to sign up if you would like a ticket. There is no cost as such for this day, but I need to pre-book the tickets. So if you have not already signed up, please let me know as soon as possible.

We no longer have a branch of the Mothers Union in Pattingham - although there is a thriving branch not far away in Tettenhall Wood. However may I commend to you their campaign against the commercialisation and over-sexualisation of children, which you can find on the website, www.byebuychildhood.org . It is easy to blame the retailers, advertisers and others for exploiting children in this way, but there is something we can all do as we make every day decisions and purchases. Do support the MU in this campaign.

One final bit of news - I have been re-elected to General Synod this autumn. This means that I will be expected to attend the sessions in November, February and July for another five years (although we generally only meet in November for the first year, when Synod is opened by the Queen) But I won't be on my own from Trysull Deanery this time, as our Lay Chair, Penny Allen, has also been elected to the House of Laity. Please keep us in your prayers too and please excuse my occasional absences on Synod business... we are promised a stormy time ahead!

God bless and keep you all,