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'Maureen's Musings'

November 2012

Would someone mind telling me where this year has gone to? Come on, own up! Someone out there must know!? I think there is a rampant Time Thief amongst us - and whoever it is would feel much better for a bit of confession to the parish priest .... No? Then I suppose we must just put it down once more to increasing age .... Ho hum.

But on a more serious note, it is now a couple of weeks or so since the Bells Run which actually had a fine, bright, if frosty day. Enormous thanks are due to Tony Ainsworth and the whole gang (you know who you are) who make this happen year on year. I know how much the Runners appreciate all the trouble you go to and the unique character of 'our' race - which has much to do with all of you and nothing at all with me. But that does not stop me saying a big THANK YOU to all concerned. And a special thank you to the many ringers who came - some from outside the Parish,.... I understand you did not quite make the quarter peal this time, but it sounded wonderful as the runners came up the home stretch, muddied but magnificent, and I hope you will soon find another opportunity to attempt it.

Now we look forward (?) to November, with its associations of Remembrance - both the personal - our All Souls Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance is on the evening of Nov 4 this year at 6.30pm. And the public - our Remembrance Day Service will be on 11th November this year at 10.30am.

Which all means that it will also not be long until December - and you all know what that means! (I refuse to use the 'C' word until the season of Trinity is over.... See what I meant about a time thief?) What I will tell you is that we hope to make Advent extra special this year. It will begin with our Messy Church on 22 November on Advent themes (3.30pm - 5.30pm in St Chad's School) and continue with our evening service on 2nd December which will be an Advent Carol Service (as distinct from the Carol services that come later in the month) something a bit different I hope which will add to your preparation for the great festivities to come. We will also be launching the Posada again from 1 December - please sign up for the night you would like to offer hospitality to the Holy Family in the shape of our Nativity Figures ...

This will be followed by 'Carols at Patshull' on the afternoon of 9th December at around 3pm (or whenever I and the choir can get there following a wedding that afternoon in St Chad's at 1.30pm!) I look forward to working with our Young People on the content of that service and we thank Mr Tim Reynolds for his kind hospitality in allowing us to use the setting of the Hall for this event. The good news is that the roof of St Mary's has now been fixed - so maybe next year we can find some opportunities to use our 'other' church for a service or two - but in the Summer months I think!

Meanwhile I have the joys(?) of General Synod to look forward to again. Please pray for all of us, that we may finally reach a conclusive decision on the vexed question of legislation for the admission of Women to the Episcopate (allowing women bishops in other words!) and pray too for the next man who will be chosen to succeed our Archbishop - the Most Revd. & Rt. Hon. Rowan Williams - it really is not an easy or enviable job!
Goodness, time is escaping me again - I had better finish .... God bless you and keep you, and make his light to shine upon you, in a world that sometimes seems dark and dismal.

P.S. November is also the month to remind those kind folk in all our churches who make a regular contribution through the Envelope Schemes or by Direct Debit, that costs continue to rise for the Church, as for us all. Thank you all so much for your support and if there is any possibility that you could review your giving - and increase it by even a little - it would save our PCC from some sleepless nights…. Those who pay tax and have completed the 'gift aid' forms have helped enormously too. The amount we re-claim from the Inland Revenue on your behalf makes a real difference in our church. Thank you.

The Diocese is making real strides in cutting costs at the centre, but the more we can pay each month or as regularly as possible, the less danger there will be of even more posts in the parishes being cut - I am sure you can see the logic.