Our sponsored child in Kenya...

St Chad’s Church commit to ten years sponsorship
of a child in Kenya.

Latest News...

Ostine Odhiambo Ronga

This is the latest photograph of Ostine.

He is progressing well and now weighs 20kG and is just under 4ft tall.
He is in the first year of the Primary School and has already been promoted to Grade II.
His school report shows he has attained Good in Kiswahili, Average in Maths, English, Geography, History and Civics, and Science and Agriculture.
Well done, Ostine!

Below are some of the letters sent to Ostine from the children of St Chad's School in Pattingham.




This is the reply we received from Ostine at the end of February 2007...

More News...
Back in the middle of 2006, a card was sent to Ostine with a gift of a new T-shirt and shorts. It seems that these got delayed by it being returned to the Field Office, even though the address was correct. This delayed news of Ostine. Sue Bellingham received a letter explaining all of this with a letter and photograph from Ostine showing him wearing his new clothes.

Here is what the letter said...

Dear Sponsor,

Much and very warm greetings are coming to you from your sponsored child, Ostine Odhiambo. He is feeling super fine and healthy and hope that you are also well with your family. The weather around this place is not hot and not cold but moderate as the climate has changed.

He really wish to thank you so much in the name of our Lord for the special gift of card, short and T-shirt that you sent to me. He was very impressed as they were actually a nice garments for him. He also want to thank God who is always with you and your family and hope that he will continue to bless and support you most for your good work.

His birthday was successful as there was only peace and happiness throughout the occasion. He is wishing you and your family a nice time over there.

With Love

Ostine Odhiambo

Ken: 163395-5020

12th October 2007 - Ostine's Latest School Report

The latest School Report for Ostine shows that he is now 3.11 Ft tall and weighs 26 Kg. He attends the 2nd Primary School and he has just been promoted to Grade 3. Well done, Ostine!

His class performance shows Mathematics, English and Kiswahili as 'Good', with Geography, History and Civic, plus Science and Agriculture as 'Average'.
We also have what is probably the best photograph of Ostine that we have received to date.

Letter received November 2007

In July 2008, we received a letter from Austine and his school report.

He is now in Grade 3, having been promoted in the new year of 2008.

He is now 122 cms high and weighs 24 Kg., with 'satisfactoy health'.

He has received 'Good' comments for subjects Matematics, English, S/Studies, Sciences and 'Average' for Kiswahili.

His favourite day is Sunday, his best friend is Kerin, his favourite colour is Green, his favourite school subject is Science, his hobby is Football, and his chores at home are fetching water.

Progress Report - October 2010

Warm greetings from Winam Area Development Programme (ADP) and the community. We appreciate your generous contribution and support which we see transforming lives of the people within the area and beyond.

Our sponsored child, Ostine is now in the Primary School Grade of 'Standarad 4'. His health is said to be 'satisfactory' and school progress show that he has received Bible lessons and spirtual nourishment.

His favourite subject is Maths, his hobby playing football, his special day is Wednesday and one of his daily chores is to fetch water.

Progress Report - June 2011

Ostine's report tells us that he is now in Grade 5 and enjoying football as his hobby and favourite pastime during his holidays. He loves to read with Genesis being his choice of scripture and his favourite season is when it rains. His football companion is Clifton Omendi.

This year he has benefited from school bags, a uniform, a medical check-up and spiritual nurture. He and his family have also benefited from mosquito nets, blankets, beans, oil and home-based care training.